2016 International Symposium on Nanofluid Heat and Mass Transfer in Textile Engineering and 5th International Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics

Progress in Nonlinear Science(ISSN 2077-8139), a book-like journal, seeks comprehensive reviews in recent progress in nonlinear science and its applications to all ramifications of science and engineering, highlighting the most important advances and challenging applications of nonlinear science.

The journal strives to have its articles readable by a broad audience of the wider communities in various fields, such as in mathematics, physics, information science, biologics, medicine, engineers , nanotechnology, material science , and others.

Only those who have made much achievement in their fields might be invited to write such book-like review articles. Most authors for the journal are invited by the editors. Others are proposed in advance by the authors and encouraged by one of our editors. Submissions without previous correspondence are strongly unwelcome. Proposals should include an outline with the main findings and potential readers. Prospective authors are encouraged to correspond with the editors before submitting an article.
        Ji-Huan He
Associate Editors:
        Engui Fan
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